Monday, May 21, 2007


My "Wishes", I really hope them to become true very soon. In every day, they may increase and decrease to certain reasons. But that does not mean that I have abandoned them, it is because of some circumstance. Today, I have heard from someone that, sometimes the person needs to sacrifice some of his wishes to reach the others, for example, a woman needs to stay at home so that she can have a happy and steady life. I asked my self: Is it true?!! Why can't I reach to all my wishes?! If that true, then why do I have to wish from the beginning?!! And what the meaning of dreaming and wishing?! Does it mean even if a woman worked very hard in her home and in her career, her dreams will not become true and she will not be happy?! When I was thinking about this, I remembered my sister “Aysha” and how she is working very hard to study and to prove that she can do every thing by herself even if she can’t see very well. Although, every day her sight may decreased more than before, she don’t complain and continue to be strong in front of us and in front of her sickness. Then I said to my self, all our dreams will become true if we worked for all of them.
P.S: Next week Aysha will have a surgery for her eye, so if you don’t mind supplicate and pray for her!!

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