Friday, May 18, 2007

First step in my blog

Finally, I opened my own blog. I have been thinking on this decission for a long time.
I thought that I need a place that I can write about my thoughts, any special events, and any thing happened to me. Although this is not my first time to have a blog, I wanted to start one that I don't feel that I restricted in blogging. For me, who like to share her thoughts, designs and all the things she likes, I have found its difficult to be without any blog.
By the way, this blog is a secret from all my friends. ;) I wanted them to discover it without me telling them. So, I am waiting for you girls.
Any way, welcome every body in my blog. Wish you like it.


Asma said...

Congratulation Iman.
Do you know what... I always like that about YOU.
You always like to try new things unlike us.
You always like to convey your feelings and opinion publicly.

Yeah… You are changing, because you are ALIVE.

Iman said...

Thnx dear,
It's because YOU all are around me, support, and help me. I am blessed that I have YOU all who are always at my help.

Any way, Welcome Asma.

Eida said...

Congratulation Iman

Iman said...

thnx Eida dear, I appreciate visiting my blog, even with one word it is more than enough for me.