Friday, May 25, 2007

A Package of events

I just don’t know what to write about today. During these last few days, I went through many things that made it difficult to write about. Yesterday was the final day in my internship and the UITS staff held a party for us internships’ students. It was very nice from them. I even didn’t imagine they will know that it is the last day. We even met Mr. Hussain other face. He wanted to farewell so he came to our office to talk to us. Actually he gave us very good advices. We even sit longer time than ever with banner girls and Mona to have our last conversation and to farewell them. Amal “My best friend” passed by our office. We introduced her to the banner team. Eida surprised me with her E-card that she created to thank me. I was very happy that made the tears come out of my eyes. Obviously I have replied her email with another email that has an E-card that I made especially for her. There are many things I want to write about them and can’t remember. Until now, I can’t imagine that on Sunday I will not walk in the ITC’s passageway, will not see Jumana’s smile in the morning, will not see Aziz and will not see my sisters there. Currently, I am working in my report and presentation. Wish me good luck.


Eida said...

Thank you Iman it really nice.


Anonymous said...

But it was nicer from u