Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I hate ends. Wherever there is an end there is tears and farewells. I wanted to write about this in the end of this semester but Yamna made me wrote it today. I have decided to erase from my mind that this week is the last week in my internship cause I wanted to finish it without any depression. Salama, Yamna, Fatima "Banner", Fatima "Network", Hamda and Mona, I really enjoyed the internship with them. Salama was the first one who I talked to in the every morning after Mariam. She was very nice, polite, friendly and encouraging. She was the first one that I have treated comfortably. By knowing her I have met the other girls in the banner team. I just can’t mention all our adventures and all what she did for me. Yamna the kindest girl I ever met. She likes to help every one even those who she didn’t know. I have several situations with her that I feel really shame of her. Fatima "Banner", funny and kind girl. She is that type of people who always give positive feelings every time you met her. Also, I shocked when I discovered that she and Yamna are sisters. I have heard that Yamna has a sister called Fatima in the ITC but I didn’t think that Fatima "Banner" is the one that they were talking about. It is quit nice surprise for me. Hamda is a quiet and understandable girl. Although there are few times I have been with her but you can sense all this from her way of talking and dealing. Fatima "Network" was very nice, helpful and friendly with me and Eida, and I will never forget her help. Mona is the most interesting girl I ever met. Although I have met her in the last month of my internship but I have heard about her before so it was really an honor to meet her. When you talk to her you will feel that you know her for along time. Although I have talked about all of them but I still feel I need to write more about them so that you can see how wonderful they are. Hope you all the best sisters. I will never forgot you.

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