Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ends & Beginings

Finally!! Summer starting and Spring 2008 semester finished. Although spring semester was a heavy one specially with my senior project, every thing finished nicely and I got nice grades. During spring semester, CITA “Collage of Information Technology Association ” held a graduation party. It was the best graduation party I ever attended. Every track prepared some videos for the party that showed how we were working hard and how students life in CIT ”Collage of IT” is. Think it was a memorable party for everyone.
Me & my group decided to continue our senior project during the summer. Actually, we really enjoyed working on it and we hope if we can participate in conferences to publish it. I don’t know if I talked here about it. It is about controlling a robotic arm through motion capture system. If you don’t understand what I just said, just go to google and search about tele-presence and you will know the general idea.
I had other several plans for the summer. However, I ended up choosing to take summer courses. I chose to take Basic Biology and Operating System. These two courses are the last courses that are required by my collage. Although spring semester has just finished, I feel energetic and optimistic… Hope this will continue ^_^.

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