Saturday, March 8, 2008

Smile to me please !!

Yesterday, while i was working on my assignment, I started writting thinking of my sisters in CS track. So, here is the words I wrote for them:

Don't change your heart

and stay honest and pure as you are.

Time is changing and people's hearts do.

However, smiles will maintain the same.

When you smile from your heart to someone,

that means he has the key to your heart.

I wish whenever you see me, you will smile.

Cause at that time I will assure

that even if you have changed,

I still has the key to your heart.

Smile to me please ... Written by Iman

Saturday ... 8th of May 2008


رغد اللويحان said...

once in Manchester where Im studing I found a new board bill .. they advertise a funcky advertaising .. they put 3 pic for three sad persons .. with a big font they wrote (GIVE US A SMILE) !! they ask people to smile to each other .. coz no body smiles like before .. many problems many trubbles .. so we lose a simple smile in our life
for that I'll give a smile for today .. tomorrow & eturnity :)

Iman said...

I missed smiles too during the time i wrote this and thats why i wrote it. You can't imagine how my mood change whenever i see someone simling. Hope you and everyone else won't lose their smiles and will continue smiling.

THANK YOU ... I appreciate your smiles. ^_^