Sunday, March 2, 2008


Lately, I was very depressed because of many things. Its not been long time since i discovered a gaol I want to reach. However, this making me more and more depressed whenever I made small mistake. So, I am trying now to challenge my sub-conscious mind by telling it everyday that I can reach my goal and I will "in sha allah" reach it. My goal is not easy for someone like me in my state, but I don't intend to stay as I am. I will make ,my current life and state, my biggest motivation to reach my goal. Just wait for me my goal !!


رغد اللويحان said...

Iman .. who no makes a mistake .. makes nothing !! Am sure u can't reach ur goal by strong steps if U dont make mistakes .. sometimes we need mistakes to know where we are now ... good luck sis & Im so proud of U coz u will do it en sha allah & Im beleive of ur Power Allah Bless U

Iman said...

Thanks a lot dear .. to know that there is someone who is believing in you is really and encouraging thing. Thanks again ^_^.