Saturday, February 9, 2008

I'm back again

Salam everyone ... miss u so much ... during the time i was absent, i went through many ups and downs ... my holiday was not very bad ... i spent the whole time staying at home and spending time with my family specially with mom, sis, and little lulu. There was a special trip to our family's ancestor's home or should i say "cave". It was an interesting trip. Last week, new semester began as well as the stress and pressure. We have started our senior projects ... I can't describe how this stressing me ... i even getting moody lately because of it, especially when i think that its completely new for me and i have to deal with a robot that i barely know how to turned it on " i doubt that too !!". Also, until now our supervisor has not determind yet. Think every things needs time to settel down. here are some photos that i took during my trip.

The entrance to the cave

some old tools they used for their daily life