Saturday, November 10, 2007

2 Happy things

Today, I am very happy coz of two reasons. The first one is because i finsihed my midterms. Although, I am not sure about the results, I feel that I have freed and relieved. It is like something heavy was on my shoulders has gone.
The second reason is a bit strange.... it is because today was the first day in my whole life that me and my father has the same opinion. Actually, me and my sisters and brothers growed up far from my father which resulted to be not feel comfortable when we are with him and to have many differences between him and us whether in thoughts or habits. Of course there are some similarities but they are rare. Today, we were discussing a problem with my mother. I told them my solution but they refused cuz they sow that my solution is not good enough. So, we all decided to ask father for a solution and when my mother asked him he suggested the same solution. I was very happy to the point I want to fly. It may be something normal for other people, but for me it was a big step to understand my father.

BTW, during this weekend I was listenning to this old national song. Hope you like it.


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