Thursday, October 18, 2007

Eid's Vacation

During Eid’s vacation, I had many things to do. However, I have decided to grab this chance and relax my self. I told my self this chance will never come again. However, there were some deadlines to submit some assignments. I didn’t go to any where accept on Sunday I went to Hafeet Mountain Peak. This trip was very enjoyable, especially if you know that all the people who went were young. The reason is this trip came so sudden, so our parents were busy and couldn’t go. So it was a good chance to teas my younger brothers “though all my brothers who went with me that day were younger than me :p” and talk with them about stupid things :D. I didn’t go to Hafeet Peak since 1997. It is long enough to forget about it (lool). I have took some pix but they were not good enough. The weather there was very nice there. There was something that surprised us there. We have found a cat that was looking for food. We know that cats are every where, but to find a cat on such a place is very rare. After sharing some of our food with the cat we decided to leave. Shortly, we went to Mobazzarah Lake, but we didn’t stay there for so long and left. For the rest of the days, I was listening to anashed and finishing some HWs. Next week I will start my classes again. I really miss my sisters there. Here is one of anashed I was listening today wish you like it.


محمد وافي said...

happy Eid .. tooo late

good luck in ur study

Iman said...

u 2 :)


رغد اللويحان said...

what a lovely song ..
I like it sooo much
this is the first time I hear it
I sent it to all my friends.

thanx alot my sis and Eid Mobarak and many happy returns to you & all



Iman said...

Hala sis, ^_^

u r welcome & Eid Mobarak for u 2